Monday Didn't Go So Well - I walked out the door

Monday Didn't Go So Well - I walked out the door

And I gave myself permission to have a crappy day

When I walked out the door, this is where I walked to

Martin Banks
March 1st, 2021

This week last year, I was attending the final conference to be held in the local convention center prior to it being closed due to an unfolding global pandemic. The meeting was Social Media Marketing World 2020, and I got so much out of it that I signed up for the 2021 conference. You probably already figured out that the 2021 conference isn't happening. I had a choice, a full refund or 2 weeks of Zoom workshops and a ticket to the 2022 meeting. I chose the latter.

Monday mornings are my time to get organized for the week and start laying down my thoughts for this newsletter. I forgot about this morning's session about Instagram and logged in late. I had promised my daughter that I would call the car dealership and ask about a service thing. My son was looking for a piece of steel and then disappeared. The computer wasn't cooperating with launching programs. And this newsletter wasn't going to write itself. Oh, and I drank too much coffee, so the bathroom kept calling me. (TMI, I know, but damn it, again!) I really just wanted to learn about Instagram. Everything else was a distraction - and an interruption.

I watched the afternoon session about YouTube and totally lost motivation. The session was okay but didn't apply to me, and I should have skipped it. At this point, I knew that this essay wouldn't be easy because my mind was in knots.

Some days, everything has to be laid down to go do something totally different to break the spell. I closed my laptop and walked out the door.

There is a wildlife preserve behind my home. It is more of a hiker/mountain biker/horseback rider preserve, but whatever. It's acres and acres of open space, and that is where I headed. I followed the trail into the canyon and thought about my day so far. Yeah, it was a crappy morning. Why? I am a prepared kind of person and was totally thrown for a loop when I wasn't prepared for a different kind of Monday morning.

As I walked down the trail into the canyon, I reminded myself that it's okay to have a crappy day from time to time. I was grumpy because things weren't going smoothly. I had become accustomed to Mondays that look like every other Monday for the past year. And this Monday wasn't like the others. It's alright, though. Crappy days happen, and if we can learn that it is normal and let those days go, we'll be fine. I began to ease up on myself.

There was a falcon searching for lunch, and I wondered if he had crappy days. He probably does, especially today if he doesn't find a rabbit or squirrel, who is having an even worse day, and have lunch. I guess my day wasn't so bad after all.

It's okay to have a bad day; everybody does. Do your best to let it go.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you.


What are your crappy days like, and how do you turn them around? I'd like to hear about your take on this. Leave a comment below or send me an email. I am interested in what you think about crappy days.