Life Changes

Life Changes

And somehow, it stays the same

The Arizona desert, close to the border with Mexico, is (was) in full bloom

I've had my wings clipped for the past week, and for good reason. I won't make you read the entire essay for the big news. I became a grandpa over the weekend. It was exciting and quite an experience. Everyone is healthy and happy. What a relief.

As I said, I had my wings clipped., or rather I clipped my own wings. The due date for the birth of my grandchild was April 15th, and sure enough, she came right on time. It was important to me to be close by to enjoy the experience of a new life coming to planet Earth.

All the other stuff going on in my orbit right now seems trivial compared to the birth of my grandchild. We skipped the Coachella music festival this year - and can take our granddaughter on her birthday from now on. My new truck is in the shop getting trail-ready, but I don't care because I don't have plans to go anywhere. Which also means I'll miss the peak of the biggest wildflower super bloom in decades. As a photographer, I care about missing that.

Still... I'd rather be here.

So that's it, it's all I have to say. The granddad brain chemicals are working as they should, and nothing else is all that important at the moment. I'll get back to business soon enough. For now, I'm going to relax a bit and revel in the thought of not having to get up in the middle of the night to feed a baby. My son and his girlfriend can do that.

At the top is the Arizona desert in bloom. Those tiny yellow flowers went all the way up the side of that hill.
Just below is a wild cactus garden I found in an area just off the highway northeast of Organ Pipe Cactus Monument.
And finally, a Saguaro cactus stands sentry over tiny blueish-purplish wildflowers.
This is the last of my wildflower images, for this year at least. By the time I am back out and on the road again, the desert will be warmer, and the blooms will be gone. No matter; the mountains are calling, it will be fun to see how all that snow melts.

A natural cactus garden. When the desert blooms, it really shows off

A Saguaro cactus towering above the tiny blooms

If you have a moment to look around my online art gallery, you might find something nice to display in your home or office. After all, you are already here, what's the harm.