It's Snowing in the Mountains

Snow stacked on a tree stump along our cross-country ski course

My photographic portfolio doesn't have many snow/winter-themed images in it. I have been trying to rectify that for several years, and it's been a real challenge. Mostly, other things came up during our short winter season here, or at times a total lack of snow. It's not for want of trying.

It seems that the entire US is having a weather event this week. Here in my neck of the woods, it's already snowed in our local mountains, with more forecast for tonight. A weekday trip to photograph freshly fallen snow is just too good to pass up.

So I called a photographer buddy of mine, who got today off from work, and after scheduling around some last-minute conference calls, we made plans to explore the mountains today.

Since I have the off-road truck we would take, I thought I should make sure we have snow chains and the truck starts without a problem.

I found the snow chains. The truck wouldn't start.

It's the battery. I know it's the battery because it's old, and even after jumping it, the battery wouldn't hold a charge. So, off to the battery store, and I am back on the road less than an hour later. I'm grateful that I know how to do this sort of stuff, and something as simple as a dead battery doesn't derail my plans.

If things go well, I will return here next week with some pretty winter snow images to share. If things don't go well, then I'll at least have a story to share. Either way, I'll have a topic for next week's essay.

Stay safe. The weather is supposed to be wild over the next couple of days.

The image at the top is from my last time in the snow, February of 2020. The pandemic wasn't in full swing yet. And everybody knows what happened in March of that year. I flew home sitting next to a lady who shared her sanitizing wipes with me to wipe down the armrests and tray table. I wondered if she knew how prophetic she was by sanitizing our seating area.