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Pictiure of Martin Banks
Martin Banks
October 26th, 2020






Part of being a photographer, who makes a living selling high-end prints, is marketing. And one great way to market to new and old customers alike is to give the product away for free. So that is what this is about - giving away a free print made on high-quality materials like acrylic, metal, fancy Japanese paper, and canvas.
    I had a giveaway over the summer, which was very successful. I sold several other prints during the contest. But then I got stuck. Of course, I am in love with all the photos offered on my site. Which makes choosing just one to offer as a prize tough.
    I came up with this idea of asking my readers to help pick a photo to be printed and offered in a random drawing of my subscribers. I have chosen four photos, which I was planning to print for display in my home anyway, and would like you to help select one of the four for the giveaway. (I always have two prints made, one to keep and one to share.)
    The link below will take you to a private page on my website, where you can select an image from a drop-down menu and click "submit". You can also enter your email and/or name if you want to; it's not required. If you are already a subscriber, you are already entered in the contest. Plus, after the contest ends, I will offer a deep discount to everyone who entered but didn't win. The holidays are coming, and with shipping the way it is, ordering soon, with the discount code, is a safe bet.

Thanks for reading!

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