Flowers on an Island

Flowers on an Island

Thank goodness, I feared missing out

A panorama of the island flower field
The record amounts of snow and rain the west coast received this past winter produced a wild-flower super bloom throughout much of the West. I was lucky to catch some of that wildflower action out in the deserts in February and March. The hills and mountains came alive this past April with blossoms, and I feared missing out.

As you may know, I had my wings clipped this spring. I am transitioning to a new (well, new to me) overlanding truck, and that has taken more time than I expected. And there was no way I would miss welcoming my first grandchild to planet Earth. It's worth missing out on almost anything to greet a newborn family member. Right? Plus, I started a writing class, and that requires some focused time at home and not out on the road. Sigh...

We are lucky enough to see our neighbors every Saturday evening for a cul-de-sac happy hour. Last Saturday, one of our neighbors shared pics from a local park, actually an island, absolutely covered in wildflowers. A few days later, my wife and I drove out and crossed over to the island. It was unbelievable how this spit of sand had sprouted so many flowers this spring. This helped with my sense of FOMO and gave us a great afternoon wandering around on a deserted island in the bay. With that, I'll leave you with these photos.

I planned to share three images with you today. Four is the number because; why not? At the top is a panorama of the island flower field. I used an 85mm lens, made three exposures, and stitched them together in Photoshop. We were covered in pollen, hiking through all those flowers.
Below top, is the pathway that leads through the center of the island. It is an unused service road and is the best way to explore the area.
Below that is a view of the flowers with the neighborhood that overlooks the bay. In the distance is a white building that I thought might be a Franciscan mission on the El Camino Real. It turns out it is a church but not a mission.
And finally, a close-up of the blueish flowers that were not in abundance but very beautiful all the same. This image gave me a headache while editing; it made me feel cross-eyed due to all the detail and color. If I ever printed this one, it would have to be a gigantic print.

Even with a pathway, we were covered with pollen by the end of the day

The neighborhood that overlooks the bay is in the background

I am grateful for all the detail in today's cameras. Sometimes it's too much!