Flash Mob

Flash Mob

It's the good kind of Mob

This store probably never saw a flash mob

Some of the most unexpected things come from my newsletter readers and followers on social media. Today's essay is about a flash mob video a friend shared with me on Instagram. When I first heard about flash mobs about ten years ago, I thought anything related to a mob couldn't be good. Since then, I've learned that flash mobs are not only good. They are a ton of fun!

If you aren't familiar with flash mobs, It's an organized group of people who gather in a public space from out of nowhere to perform and then disperse. Say you are out somewhere, and you notice someone with a violin walk by, then someone else with a cello. Before you know it, music starts playing, and a crowd gathers. That's a flash mob.

Well, that's one kind of flash mob. Here in my hometown, we have a group of middle-aged Korean women. They show up all over town to do well-choreographed hip-hop dance routines. They call themselves Ajumma EXP. Ajumma roughly translates to "middle-aged Korean lady with short permed hair." At least, that is the way I understand it. It may also be derogatory, so a word of caution. The EXP part stands for "Experience." So altogether, it's the Middle-aged Korean lady experience. They make the local news whenever they "flash" their "mob." I'm sure it is quite a scene. If you are curious, you can check out Ajumma EXP here.

The video shared with me on social media was of a flash mob performing Handel's "Zadok the Priest." As it turns out, the video is from 2012, when Classic FM celebrated its 20th anniversary. They organized a flash mob for a very public performance in a supermarket. "Zadok the Priest" is relevant again. It was recently performed at Westminster Abby for the coronation of King Charles III. Composed by Handel in 1727 for the coronation of King George II, it is on the charts again. So yea, there is some history there.

It's hard for me to get all choked up over a bunch of women dancing hip-hop at the shopping mall. It'd be fun to experience an unexpected dance routine, and I would enjoy it. It wouldn't be tear-worthy, though. Although, Handel, with strings, woodwinds, and singers, makes me into a sobbing mess. Even over social media. If you want to check out the grocery store-Handel-flash-mob, here is a link to the video on Classic FM's website.

All this got me thinking it would be super fun to create a flash mob of my own. There are a couple of hangups, though. I can't dance, play an instrument, or sing. My best bet is most likely a Kazoo flash mob. We can hum our way into the hearts of others.

I would love to hear from you if you have the talent for this and have done it yourself. What a great way to show up in the world and make a positive difference. Art is our best medicine. Unexpected art is even better.

The three photos I have to share with you today are of buildings that have been let go and are in need of repair. As the name indicates, at the top is what remains of an old general store. It is a block off the main drag in a small New Mexico town.
Below, top, is a church that sits right next to a railroad track. Now the railroad is abandoned, but it appears the church was still in use when I photographed it. Go figure.
At the bottom is a shack that has about fallen down. Getting situated for the photograph was challenging. There is a fence around the property, and it didn't seem right to climb over it. So I parked my truck on the side of the road and stood on the tailgate. I like the way it turned out.

This church seemed to still be in use when I photographed it, even though the paint is peeling

I plan to go by this spot soon and see if this building has finally collapsed