2020.08.10 Newsletter


Dragon Fruit Bloom

Dragon Fruit Bloom

I trust that if you are reading this newsletter, you entered the photo print drawing last week? It was fun to put together, message with some of you, and draw the winner. I'll do another print drawing in a month or so and plan to have a contest to pick which one of 4 photos to have printed and giveaway, and then you can enter the drawing for the photo everyone chose. It should be fun.

The image above was released last week on my website. Art and the creation of photographic art have shifted this year. I am working on more pieces that are suitable for your home and home office space. This piece is the culmination of several days of preparation, filming, and post-production. I am delighted with how it turned out. You can find this image here.

Failure is part of learning. Recently, I have been experimenting with time-lapse photography. The camera records high-resolution photos in addition to a time-lapse video.  The video is a fun way to show you something, like the dragon fruit, developing into what becomes a high-quality image. We had a monarch butterfly chrysalis hanging off a potted plant. The butterfly emerged from the chrysalis, but it moved out of frame and I lost focus. It didn't work out this time. There is another chrysalis nearby, and hopefully, I'll have a nice short time-lapse for you soon.
The dragon fruit time-lapse is on my Instagram and Facebook@martinbanksphotography

Thank you for reading!


The butterfly time-lapse that didn't work out.
Out of frame and out of focus

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